Charcoal BBQ Grill in Melbourne

We have been supplying good quality charcoal BBQ grill to our customers in Melbourne for the past 30 years. We believe in providing full customer satisfaction that lasts for many years to come. All of our BBQ charcoal grills come with a full warranty and an affordable price. We give personal attention to each and every product, we are a leading supplier of BBQ charcoal grills in Melbourne.

The height of the winch of our charcoal BBQ grill is adjustable making a hassle free BBQ to cook or slow cook nearly everything on it. Our charcoal BBQ  grills come in different sizes including 3 and 5 spits, larger units are also available to fit a whole lamb or a pig. These BBQs have been manufactured in such a way that they can be further disassembled which makes it extremely easy to store and transport. We provide accessories such as gyro disks and spit forks for our charcoal BBQs. All of our charcoal BBQ grills are made up of a heat-resistant pot belly and can withstand temperatures up to 835 °C. We also sell BBQ lids to go with our charcoal BBQ grills.


Custom Charcoal BBQ

We also provide custom charcoal BBQs which can be custom made to your requirements. Our Custom charcoal BBQs are in small and large sizes, Our custom made BBQs have been designed and manufactured with durability in mind, so you can enjoy your BBQs for years to come. Our charcoal BBQs are also extremely easy to maintain and have good strength and are the perfect option for a tasty meal for parties and banquet at your home. We have been proudly operating and servicing Melbourne for 30 years, so please don’t hesitate to contact us for an obligation free quote.


Charcoal Spit Roaster

We provide charcoal spit roasters for cooking of meat over charcoal BBQ grills for our customers in Melbourne. The meat cooks slowly over the heat produced from the charcoal which ensures that the meat is tender, smooth and has a smoky flavour. Our charcoal spit roaster can be used to cook for larger pieces of meat or poultry and the roaster can also be used to cook pretty much anything including beef, lamb, veal or pork. We designed the roasters in such a way that the heat is evenly distributed while cooking to avoid uneven cooking. We can also provide you with custom made charcoal spit roaster, get in touch today to find out more.

charcoal bbq grill4

5 Spits: $795

charcoal bbq grill3

4 Spits: $725

charcoal bbq grill2

Heavy Duty Gyro Set : $545

charcoal bbq grill1

3 Spits : $345


charcoal bbq grill - Gateway gates

No Mess BBQ Lids

BBQs for Whole Lamb or Pig on the Spit

Melbourne Charcoal bbq Grill

Large BBQ: $799

Charcoal bbq Grill Melbourne

Large BBQ Spit : $875

Charcoal bbq Grill

Extra Large : $1,100